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ASRI welcomes all members to participate in the future direction of the society by joining a committee.  Interested members please complete the Committee Interest Form to be contacted with details on how you can get involved..  If you have any questions, please contact Karen Gottlieb.  

If you cannot access the Google form using the link above please complete the PDF version and email to Karen Gottlieb.

Awards Committee

Three members of the Awards Committee are elected by the ASRI membership, and three members are appointed by Council. Members serve staggered three-year terms.  The role of the committee is to:

  • Nominate for Council consideration ASRI members eligible for a variety of awards and honors from outside ASRI, as well as named awards sponsored by ASRI;
  • Explore possibilities and opportunities for the establishment of other ASRI awards.
  • Review and evaluate other meeting-related awards, such as Gusdon and Poster awards

Committee Mission

The ASRI Awards Committee is dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement by and the professional promise of investigators in the reproductive immunology field. The committee is responsible for reviewing nominations and applications, and for recommending recipients to Council, for designated ASRI Career Awards and ASRI Travel Awards.

Award Committee Members

Don Torry (Co-Chair 2019-2025)

Indira Mysorekar (Co-Chair 2022-2025)

Malini Laloraya (2022-2025)

Ai-ris Collier (2022-2025)

Amy Gilgrass (2022-2025)

By-Laws Committee

Three members are elected by the by the membership of ASRI, and three members are appointed by Council.  All elected members should have held a leadership position within ASRI in the past.  The role of the committee is to:

  • Review proposed amendments and recommend for Council consideration changes to the Bylaws that are consistent with the Society’s overall mission and purpose.
  • In response to requests from the Council and/or President, review and make recommendations for changes to the Bylaws.
  • Examine and consider the implications of proposed changes and make recommendations to the Council.
  • Ensure adherence to the Bylaws amendments process and timeline.
  • Review proposed Bylaws amendments to be considered by the membership of ASRO and make recommendations to the Council.

    Committee Mission

    To consider amendments to the constitution and bylaws; to review and draft rules for the conduct of council and membership meetings.

    By-Laws Committee members

    Charles Wira (Co-Chair 2019-2025)

    Surendra Sharma (Co-Chair 2019-2025)

    Gil Mor (2019-2025)

    Nazeeh Hanna (2019-2025)

    Irina Burd (2019-2025)

    Chandra Tayade (2019-2025)

    David Aronoff (2022-2025)


    The five members of the Education Committee are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms.

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Plan and coordinate a variety of educational activities and programs of ASRI;
    • Develop informational and educational materials in reproductive immunology for the audiences with which ASRI wishes to communicate;
    • Participate in activities and coalitions that foster education in the life sciences.

    Committee Mission

    The ASRI Education Committee is dedicated to promoting science education and helping its members in science outreach activities. These include the:

    • ASRI Courses in reproductive Immunology
    • ASRI Summer Research Program for Undergraduate students
    • Grant Review for Reproductive Immunologists Program ("GRRIP")
    • Committee-sponsored symposia at the ASRI Annual Meeting

    education committee members

    Jennifer Gilner (Co-Chair 2029-2025)

    Ana Zenclussen (Co-Chair 2019-2025)

    Ji Yeon Lee (2022-2025)

    Ai-ris Collier (2022-2025)

    Britt Goods (2022-2025)

    Rafat Abassi (2022-2025)

    Laura Kanzepolsky (2022-2025)

    Fellowship Committee

    The Fellowship Committee is made up of eleven members; 2 co-chairs and 9 regular members.  The Co-Chairs are appointed by President and confirmed by the Council.  Co-chairs will serve a 6-year non-renewable term.  Members of the committee will be suggested by Co-Chairs and confirmed by the Council.  Members will serve on staggered three-year terms. The members of the committee will include the following expertise: 4 Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, 3 Maternal-Fetal Medicine, 2 Infectious Disease.

    All co-chairs and members must be:
    • MD or MD/PhD
    • a certified OB/GYN
    • active member of ASRI in good standing
    • demonstrate academic excellence (mentorship, scholarly work, active clinical practice).

    If an application is received from an international institution, a local committee will be established under the Fellowship Committee to oversee the activities of the program in the respective country. 

    The mission of the ASRI Reproductive Immunology Fellowship Committee is to identify, nurture and certify experts in the field of reproductive immunology and to recognize their unique abilities and knowledge in the areas of reproductive immunology and medical practice.

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Review and approve guidelines for the fellowship curriculum
    • Develop and manage fellowship application process
    • Determine application fees for institutions and individuals
    • Review and approve institutional fellowship applications
    • Evaluate progress of the institutional fellowship
    • Set policy and procedures for the fellowship
    • Organize and coordinate the clinical symposium that will take place at the ASRI Annual Meeting, ensuring that the clinical symposium is CME approved
    • Repairing annual report on activities of the fellowship to be presented to the Council and at the annual ASRI Business Meeting.

    fellowship committee members

    Joanne Kwak-Kim (Co-Chair 2019-24)

    Gil Mor (Co-Chair 2019-2024)

    Rafat Abbasi (2022-2025)

    David Aronoff (2022-2025)

    Irina Burd (2022-2025)

    Atsushi Fukui (2022-2025)

    Maide Ozen (2022-2025)

    Conor Harrity (2022-2025)

    Ricardo Barini (2022-2025)

    Andrea Edlow (2022-2025)

    Anna Powell (2022-2025)


    Two members of the Finance Committee shall be elected by ASRI membership, and three members shall be appointed by Council. Members shall serve staggered three-year terms. The Treasurer shall chair the committee. The Chair of the Publications Committee and the President shall be ex officio members of the committee without vote.

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Review annually the coordinated budget proposals for the ASRI and The Journal of Reproductive Immunology prepared by the President;
    • Make recommendations to Council concerning annual budgets, reserve funds, and investments of ASRI;
    • Develop plans and generate revenues to fund special scientific and educational activities of ASRI.

    finance committee members

    Ana Zenclussen (Chair 2019-2025)

    Gil Mor (2019-2025)

    Charles Wira (2019-2025)

    Da-Jin Li (2019-2025)

    Nazeeh Hanna (2019-2025)

    Larry Chamley  (2019-2025)

    Membership Committee

    The Five members of the Membership Committee are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms.

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Determine the eligibility of applicants for active membership and submit applications to Council;
    • Recommend changes in the criteria for membership for consideration by Council;
    • Solicit applications for membership, analyze current membership for composition and representation, and make any recommendations concerning the above issues to Council.

    Committee Mission

    The ASRI Membership Committee is dedicated to helping ASRI meet the needs of the reproductive immunology community, especially its members, by voicing its concerns and making suggestions for changes or additions to current ASRI practices, policies or bylaws.

    membership committee members

    Sylvie Girard (Chair 2019-2025)

    Ricardo Barini (2022-2025)

    Cathal McCarthy (2022-2025)

    Rafat Abassi (2022-2025)

    Mohan Raut (2022-2025)

    Shanmugam Velayuthaprabhu (2022-2025)

    Nomination Committee

    The four members of the Nomination Committee are elected by the Council. The Past President serves as chair of the committee, along with the current President and President Elect .  

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Develop a slate of qualified member candidates eligible to stand for annual election to the ASRI Council
    • Develop a slate of qualified member candidates eligible to stand for election to the five ASRI committees that include elected members: the Awards Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Program Committee, and Publications Committee.
    • Submit the slate of candidates for consideration by the ASRI Council, which approves those to be invited to stand as candidates in the annual ASRI election.

    Committee Mission

    The ASRI Nomination Committee is dedicated to identifying and recommending outstanding ASRI members as candidates for election to ASRI leadership positions, taking into account the diversity reflected in members’ scientific expertise and experience, research interests, geography, institution, ethnicity, and gender.

    nomination committee members

    Gil Mor (Chair 2021-2023)

    David Aronoff (2021-2025)
    Irina Burd (2019-2025)
    Nardhy Gomez-Lopez (2021-2023)
    Jun Lee (2021-2023)

    Program Committee

    A minimum of three members of the Program Committee are elected by the membership of ASRI, and three members are appointed by Council. Members serve staggered three-year terms. Members are to be chosen to represent different institutions and areas of the country. The Chair is a non-voting member of Council.

    The Committee is charged with the responsibility for planning and implementing the scientific program presented at each annual meeting of the ASRI, subject to approval by Council.

    Committee Mission

    The ASRI Program Committee is dedicated to selecting topics and speakers for the ASRI annual meeting that represent the entire field of reproductive immunology and include scientists at a variety of career stages. The committee manages the following parts of the meeting:

    • Distinguished Lecturers
    • Major Symposia
    • Special Program Committee sessions and workshops
    • Topic categories for abstract submissions

    program committee members

    Indira Mysorekar (Co-Chair 2023-24)

    Ramkumar Menon (Co-Chair 2023-24)

    Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz  (Co-Chair 2023-24)

    Public Affairs Committee

    The five members of the ASRI Public Affairs Committee (PAC) are appointed by Council on staggered three-year terms. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting, ex officio member. Representatives from other groups with which ASRI may establish public affairs liaison may be appointed as non-voting members of the committee as needed.

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Develop a consistent position on policy issues that are relevant to the field of reproductive immunology and that impact ASRI;
    • Coordinate membership participation in areas associated with pending legislation, public laws, and actions by federal executive departments.
    • Coordinate this effort by organizing their responses and activities;
    • Devise ways to educate those in government and the public about the field of reproductive immunology;
    • Maintain liaison with other organizations whose public affairs goals are consistent with those of ASRI.

    Committee Mission

    The PAC will identify, analyze, and respond to policy, legislative, and regulatory initiatives that are of interest to obstetrician, gynecologist immunologists, reproductive immunologists or to biomedical researchers in general. The PAC will lead the public policy efforts of ASRI and interact with relevant government officials and other professional organizations/societies, always advocating for the best interests of science and working to improve the professional lives of reproductive immunologists.

    The PAC will:

    1. Monitor and analyze federal legislation, regulations (proposed and/or existing), and budgets that may impact ASRI members and science as a whole, and take action as needed;
    2. Maintain and/or create contacts/liaisons with Congress, federal agencies, and other professional societies/like-minded organizations, and work as necessary to advance mutual interests; and
    3. Represent and apprise ASRI members regarding issues of professional concern, and assist members in informing their elected representatives and their communities about those issues

    public affairs committee members

    Anna Powell (Chair 2022-2025)

    Joanne Kwak-Kim (2022-2025)

    Rafat Abbasi  (2019-2024)

    Irina Burd  (2019-2024)

    Sukanta Jash (2022-2024)

    Indira Mysorekar  (2022-2025)

    Thanh Luu (2022-2025)

    Karen Gottlieb (ex officio)

    Publication Committee

    Two members of the Publication Committee representing different institutions are elected by the ASRI membership, and Two members of the committee are appointed by Council. Members serve staggered four-year terms. The chair is a non-voting member of Council and an ex officio member of the Finance Committee.  

    The role of the committee is to:

    • Be responsible for management and evaluation of The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology and any other official publications of ASRI, subject to the general supervision of Council;
    • Review the budget of The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology.

    Committee Mission

    The Publication Committee works to maintain the high quality of the ASRI journal as a trusted source of research findings that support and enhance advances in the field. The committee accomplishes this by:

    • Recommending Editors-in-Chief to Council for appointment;
    • Approval of Editor-in-Chief recommendations for Editorial Board appointments;
    • Oversight of the Editor-in-Chief;
    • Consideration of proposed changes and improvements to the journals.

    publication committee members

    Larry Chamley (Co-Chair 2020-2024)

    Jun Lei (Co-Chair 2022-2026)

    Gil Mor (2020-2024)

    Mei-Rong Du (2020-2024)

    Beth Holder (2020-2024)

    Judy Zhang (2020-2024)

    Laura Kanzepolsky (2020-2024)

    Website & Social Media Committee

    A minimum of four members of the Committee are selected by the Council and serve a four year term, along with the ASRI Executive Director.  The Website & Social Media Committee uses technology to communicate the goals and initiatives of the Society, connect members with each other and with resources, and advance the research of the Reproductive Immunology field.

    Committee Mission

    • Engage and inform membership about all things related to Reproductive Immunology and ASRI
    • Raise member awareness of Reproductive Immunology and ASRI
    • Connect membership to the ASRI message
    • Increase participation of all committees in communicating to the membership
    • Promote the ASRI eNews Blog
    • Add content to the ASRI website
    • Recruit new committee members

    website & social media members

    Craig Bierle (Co-Chair 2022-2025)

    Elizabeth Enninga (Co-Chair 2022-25)

    David Aronoff (2020-2024)

    Camille Couture (2022-2024)

    Elsa Bernier (2022-2024)

    Karen Gottlieb (ex officio)

    Diversity & Inclusion: Our Foundation for Scientific Innovation

    Many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment. ASRI provides equal opportunities to all members and applicants for awards without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic disposition, neurodiversity, disability, veteran status or any other protected category under federal, state and local law.

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