Grants and Awards

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American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Award
(previously called the Blackwell Munksgaard Award)

This award is presented annually to a senior investigator who has made outstanding contributions to the area of reproductive immunology. Contributions can be in the area of clinical or basic research. Awardees do not need to be members of ASRI. This arward is sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell.

J. Christian Herr Award

This award is given annually to a member of ASRI, International Society for Immunology of Reproduction, or European Society for Reproductive Immunology, typically in the first 10-15 years beyond accepting a faculty position, who has made outstanding achievements in basic or applied research in reproductive immunology, particularly for investigators involved in technology transfer. The J. Christian Herr award was established by a past president of the ASRI to acknowledge the dedication of his father to invention, innovation and entrepreneurship through decades of volunteerism in the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE), a program of the Small Business Administration. The spirit of the award may be found in the words of Louis Pasteur, “There is no true distinction between fundamental and applied science, there is only science in the cause of humankind.” See previous winners.

Dr. John Gusdon Memorial New Investigator Award

This award is given to a new investigator with trainee status (graduate student, postdoctoral scientist, or resident) who has made a significant contribution by presenting an outstanding research paper during ASRI’s Annual Meeting. This award is given annually in memory of Dr. John Gusdon, a founding member of ASRI, and an advocate of student participation in ASRI meetings. See previous winners.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given periodically and not more than annually, to a member of ASRI who has provided distinguished service to advance the goals and mission of the society. See previous winners.

Travel Awards

ASRI awards a variety of travel grants to support travel of trainees to the Annual Meeting. One of these awards, the Alan E. Beer Memorial Travel Grant, is specifically awarded to support travel for a clinical scientist in training status.
Application Information

  • Nominators will be asked to furnish a letter of support and curriculum vitae for each award recipient.
  • Awardees will be notified in December of the year before the annual meeting.
  • Receipt of awards is contingent on attendance at the Annual Meeting to receive the award. Awardees for the Blackwell Munksgaard and Herr Awards must agree to make an invited presentation at the annual meeting in the year following receipt of the award.
  • A complimentary pair of tickets to the awards banquet will be available for each award recipient.

Additional Procedures for Gusdon Award

  • Any trainee presenting a paper at the meeting can select to have his paper considered for the Gusdon Award. Candidates will be asked to produce proof of trainee status (ie: a letter from their supervisor).
  • The chair of the Program Committee will verify that the candidate has trainee status and will distribute abstracts of all the candidates to the Awards Committee Chairman for scoring. The top five to six candidates will be selected to make an oral presentation of their paper. The papers, which can be presented in a special award session or as part of the regular meeting program, should be scheduled at least one day before the awards banquet.
  • The Awards Committee will meet after the New Investigator session and choose a recipient for the Gusdon Award. The Awards Committee chair will ensure that the winner is given an opportunity to attend the banquet.

The Michelson Prize and Grants in Reproductive Biology

Found Animals is proud to announce The Michelson Prize and Grants in Reproductive Biology with $75 million in prize and grant money available. A $25 million Prize will be awarded to the first entity to provide a single dose, non-surgical sterilant that is:

  • Safe, effective and practical for use in male and female, cats and dogs
  • Viable pathway to regulatory approval
  • Feasible manufacturing process and cost
  • Suitable for administration in field setting

Up to $50 million in multiple, multi-year grants are available for research in pursuit of prize goals. Visit for more information.